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The Counseling Brothers of Atlanta Inc. Mentorship Program

Program Overview: Addressing the Underrepresentation of Black Male Counselors

Our program addresses the significant underrepresentation of Black male counselors in the mental health sector. We aim to provide comprehensive support to Black male students pursuing master's degrees in counseling, social work, school counseling, and marriage and family therapy. By doing so, we hope to ensure their academic success and promote excellence in their professional careers.

Mentorship Structure: 

  • Eligibility: Specifically open to Black male students in masters-level counseling, social work, school counseling, and marriage and family therapy programs.

  • Mentor Matching: Students will be paired with seasoned Black male counselors. These mentors will offer insights into academic coursework, fieldwork experiences, career prospects, and holistic professional growth.

  • Regular Interactions: Scheduled meetings between mentors and mentees will take place to foster a solid relationship. Additionally, group sessions will be organized to facilitate networking and encourage mutual peer support.

  • Training and Resources: The program also emphasizes training in self-care, cultural competence, and strategies to overcome systemic barriers prevalent in the mental health arena.

Program Impact:

To promote diversity in the mental health sector, our program nurtures the professional growth of Black male counselors. As a result, the quality and reach of mental health services specifically tailored for Black communities are enhanced.

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